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Arial view of Puerto PedregosaOne very important aspect of this "designer community" is the many focus points and attractions it will offer. Each hotel site has been carefully selected to offer different recreation themes, thus providing the various recreation ammenities that will bring the visitor again and again. The hospitality component of every hotel complex will offer both hotel rooms and condominiums.
All the ammenities such as restaurants, banquet rooms, swimming pools, shops, lounges and convenstion facilities will be of a high quality Resort hotel standards.

Golf Putting Course at H1 -  Puerto PedregosaHotel 1  Lot # H1

This beachfront property will have a Golf Putting Course at the back, along the North Town Site. The intimate design of the Hotel will encourage a long and quiet stay for tourists as well as clients of the medical center or lifestyle program participants. The Hotel will have a Beach Club on an interesting shoreline, and will be close to the marina. The Hotel #1 area is 5.0 hectares and includes the Putting course area.

Enjoy marine life

Hotel 2 Lot # H2

This ocean front property overlooks the Marina or a safe ocean recreation area joining the Playa Pedregosa and the North  Town Center. It has enough elevation for a beautiful view and offers the possibilities for hillside structures.  The Hotel #2 area is 5.187 hectares. The Marina  sits in front of Playa Pedregosa and will accommodate small boats.

Hotel 3  Lot # H3

This property beside H2 has an elevated ocean front view and is located along the very front of the Puerto Pedregosa project offering the possibility of hillside structures.

The rocky shoreline view offers premier ocean life viewing at its best!  This condo hotel project will also accomodate a large entertaining casino facility, to be located at the rear of the hotel with east evevating access down to the north village. It is just below the site of the Centro Medico. The H3 site is 5.28 hectares.

Hotel & Condos - H3 Site

Choir LeaderHotel 4 Lot # H4

Carefully selected Hotel #4 and the Entertainment Complex is in the heart of the project and raises above the village center. It will be on a 5.43-hectare site situated on a bluff elevated above the surrounding area. Its elevated location gives it an unobstructed 360° view with the ocean to the west and the Colorado Mountain to the east. The complex overlooks the medical center to the south and the town center to the northwest. This entertainment center will feature a state of the art recording studio in an atmosphere that is truly creative!

Hotel 5 Lot # H5

TranquilityThis mountain resort hotel is of such a unique nature it warrants special attention …this ECO HOTEL will be on the highest view site and will have the most spectacular view overlooking the ocean and the entire project. It will offer the Lifestyle Programs Headquarters offering ongoing basis and specific educational programs. The retreat vs. vacation site shall headquarter the lifestyle program it borders the green belt Tropical Dry Forest and offers the best site for the "Lifestyle Program". Hotel #5 will border the Tropical Dry Forest, and will offer nature at its door. As we know, there is no place on earth that can offer more variety of living species as Costa Rica. Puerto Pedregosa is  the neighbour to these wonderous attractions and is close to the Leatherback Turtle Ocean Reserve!  H5 will offer hotel rooms and condos on a 8.9 hectare site.

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