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Where we are!The Puerto Pedregosa property includes the beach of Playa Pedregosa in its boundaries, borders on Playa Honda to the north and Playa Platanar to the south with Colorado Mountain and Vigia peaks to the east.

The Puerto Pedregosa site rises from the ocean to a maximum elevation of 270 meters in such a manner that it provides multiple opportunities for terraced and stepped placement of building sites creating a maximum number of view lots.

Large ridges run at right angles to the ocean in their rise from the water, small ridges at both the north and south of the property and a smaller one in approximately the center. Just inside the northern boundary a stream bed runs from the hills in the east to the ocean.

The property is subject to only a 50 meter setback. From the waters edge the setback line is considered National Park and is public property.

There is a well established right of way on the public side of the mahoneys (property line) linking the sand beach of Playa Honda with the property.

The central ridge, called Cerro Vigía, projects out into the ocean with enough elevation at the shoreline to be wonderful hotel sites. There is a possibility for a limited marina operation at this location (rocky fore shore that drops off quickly) but will require more detailed study.

Of the two small bays that form Playa Pedregosa the northernmost has a gravel bed with a dark sand beach that gives way to sand dunes and widely spaced trees. The south bay is a rocky fore shore with multiple tide pools and rock outcropping.

Playa Platanar is adjacent to the southern property line.This shore has both rock pools and a white sand beach, it is included in the Las Baulas National Marine  Park where the leatherbacks nest.

A variety of large trees cover most of the valleys and provide a dense canopy over the area. The preservation of as much of this old growth as possible should be a priority of the developers.

There are opportunities at a few locations on the site to build housing units on the same level as the canopy formed by trees at a lower elevation. Trees here are part of the dry tropical forest which in all of Costa Rica exists only in Guanacaste Province. The forest is deciduous, shedding it’s leaves during the dry season to conserve water.


Guanacaste - Costa RicaWHERE IS – Puerto Pedregosa

The property is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica approximately a ten minute drive from the Tamarindo Airport, which is a forty minute flight from San Jose. A beautiful four hour drive from San Jose and less than a 45 minute drive from the Daniel Oduber International Airport at Liberia. less than 45 minute drive from the folkloric city of Santa Cruz, and about 4 1/2 hour drive from San Jose crossing the "La Amistad de Taiwan" bridge over the Tempisque river. Charter flights are increasing their bookings  into this airport, and the airport can handle stretch 747 ’s. Plans to expand the terminal and services are in process.

The City of Liberia is located at the junction of the Pan American Highway and Route 21, both are paved two lane roadways recently resurfaced. Liberia (known as the "White City" because its earth has a phosphorescence) has all the service providers and amenities needed by residents of the proposed development: hospital, food stores, pharmacies, shops etc.

Tamarindo Airport 10 Mins SouthLiberia is a pleasant well ordered city site servicing a successful agricultural and cattle ranching community and is a hub of tourist activity for the region. Although car rentals and tourist services are adequate, the future development of service industries in Liberia due to the presence of the new airport will be extensive.

The city of Santa Cruz, declared as "National Folkloric City", also offers all the necessary services for tourism, furthermore, it is an attractive tourist spot because of its holidays and historic buildings. The recent opening of the "La Amistad" bridge over the Tempisque river will further enhance the city's development.

To reach the site one leaves the Panamerican highway in Liberia on route 21 traveling west some 40 kilometers from the airport to a right turn on route 155. Both roads ( 21 and 155 ) are well maintained asphalt. Asphalting Huacas to Matapalo

To continue to the site you leave 155 at Huacas and travel due west to Matapalo and at the NW  corner of the village square go due west.  (Between Huacas and Matapalo the road branches off to  Melia Playa Conchal Resort and Golf, Brasilito and on to Flamingo).

This particular stretch of coastline is known as the "Gold Coast" of Costa Rica.  This is partially due to the fact that the hotels and resorts on this shore experience their high season from November through July, the time North Americans are looking for relief from cold rain and snow. The weather is always pleasant. Some showers with heavy rain is expected in late September and all of October.Sorry - NOT available in Costa Rica

Some of the private residences built on this stretch of coast are breathtaking and include homes of ex-presidents and ministers of the government as well as offshore investors.

The best sports fishing in the Pacific is just offshore of the site with record numbers of sailfish, yellow fin tuna and dorado. The newest and largest boats in the sport fishing fleet seem to operate from the Flamingo Marina (15 minutes north of Puerto Pedregosa).

Arenal Volcano - close by
Three golf properties in the immediate vicinity are 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 35 minutes travel time,  have 18 hole, PGA standard, golf courses . (The Melia Golf Resort at Playa Conchal and Rancho Los Colinas & Pinilla are in operation).

There are five national parks within two hours travel time of the site and a marine preserve that borders the property.

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