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A community aimed at excellence, providing a lifestyle of beauty and well-being, where harmony with nature is paramount.

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Typical Village PlazaTOWN CENTERS: Consists of two villages located at the north and south entrances of Puerto Pedregosa.

Pueblo Norte (North Village) with 40-60 outlets,

Pueblo Sur (South Village) 20-30 outlets

Both villages will highlight restaurants as well as the local culture and history.

The South Village with a soft classic architecture and will provide  park areas, a village square, grocery, pharmacy, and postal service, beauty salon and sports - other outlets that will supply the everyday living needs.

Local artists and guests will make the beautiful traditional hand crafted products that Costa Rica is famous for.

Arts & CraftsThe North Village will neighbor an entertainment center on Hotel #4 site, that will attract the best musicians in Costa Rica as well as international entertainers.

There will be a recording studio dedicated to promote the wonderful music of Costa Rica and other artists, as well as the facility will be built for the purpose of easy on-site movie making.

The architectual design of the Villages will be constructed in such a way that it will be practical for daily use and wheelchair accessible.

Fresh Flowers?The South Village site will offer a complete environmentally friendly automotive center. This concept will ensure that the disposal of all auto waste materials will be processed and contained correctly at one site. There will be a car rental agency, with local drivers available for hire.

Each home and condo owner of the project will have access to an electric/solar golf cart, available for their use to drive around the project, thus limiting pollution, noise and disruption to the wild life!

As music and laughter are excellent medicine for the soul, this is an important part of the overall concept.

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